Somatic Experiencing® (SE™),  is a therapeutic approach for resolving trauma symptoms and relieving chronic stress.  It can help increase one’s vitality and capacity to actively engage in life.  Other possible benefits are:

  • Building capacity for body awareness, tracking sensations, and tolerating difficult emotions
  • Completing self-protective survival responses (fight/flight/freeze), that are held in the body from past traumatic situations
  • Addressing trauma-related symptoms, including anxiety, panic, dissociation, depression, anger/rage, shame, avoidance, insecure attachment, grief and loss, chronic stress, etc.
  • Experiencing the felt sense of safety and recognize how that is very different from danger or life threat
  • Increasing the capacity to experience more calm and ease in the body, along with joy and pleasure
  • Fostering access to internal resources and strengths
  • Reducing judgment towards self and others
  • Opening to healthy relationships based on mutual trust, reciprocity, and respect

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